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    Upload Some Files

    You can send me files that you want hosted on this site. Only if you keep to the rules;

    - Files MUST be under 5MB. is
    - Files that ARE NOT will be broken down into folders that is under 5MB and will be in PARTS (e.g. part1, part2 ect.)
    - Make sure the files WORK!
    - If you want credit make a README.ini and give credit to yourself or you can ask for credit.
    - State the facts! We don't want people mislead about the map or mod.
    - If you want it copyrighted then you can use PayPal to pay $25 to make your map or mod copyrighted.   Sgt. Carcisswm's Maps & Mods
    - If your map or mod is copyrighted people can still use it but they have to have special permission and is by-law that they CAN'T share or distribute any of your copyrighted files.

    If any of your files doesn't meet the rules than if you send it to me I have no choice but to delete that file.